Upgrades That Add Value to Your Investment Property in Alpharetta

Improve value of a property

Upgrades That Add Value to Your Investment Property in Alpharetta

When done right, cosmetic upgrades can significantly impact your Alpharetta investment property’s resale price. First, with the updated features that set your property apart from the rest, you’ll be able to charge higher rents. Second, you’ll be able to rent to higher-quality tenants explicitly looking for renovated properties. At long last, you’ll be able to cut down on your vacancy rates. Homes that have been recently renovated and are in good condition will always rent for more money than older, run-down properties. So, which enhancements will provide the greatest financial return?

Improve Lighting 

One of the most recent cosmetic advancements for interior lighting is incorporating natural materials such as wicker or bamboo. There is also a growing need for simpler light fixtures. Changing out a light fixture is a simple and low-cost task. The result is a softer, more up-to-date room without the need for costly installation services.

Lightening up a dim room gives the impression that it is more significant than it is. Don’t forget the outside lights, either. Tenants feel safer with surveillance cameras installed in the building. Adding path and walkway lighting will make people feel safer at night. Rental properties with good lighting are more welcoming and presentable.

Get rid of the carpet and replace it with hardwood

More and more renters, especially those with allergies or asthma, are finding carpets harmful to their health. The fibers can quickly absorb allergens, odors, and dust. Unfortunately, it appears that no amount of cleaning will ever get rid of pet odors, no matter how much you try to vacuum and scrub.

While hardwoods are ideal, they are not necessary. You can find high-quality laminate flooring at a reasonable price, and other options include tile and high-quality linoleum.

Kitchen finishes and backsplashes

Improve your cooking space without completely gutting it. A backsplash, new sink and faucet, improved lighting, and new cabinet and drawer hardware can do the trick. Tenants will immediately notice the difference in the kitchen, which is a significant factor in determining a property’s rental value.

Upgrade the restroom in the same fashion. Think about installing a new faucet, installing adjustable lighting, and purchasing a sink or vanity with built-in drawers.

Improved Landscaping and Curb Appeal

The first impression your property makes on prospective tenants is crucial. Does the house seem like an excellent place to stay? Is it appealing to you?

Landscaping is vital because it is the first thing people see when they visit a building or a house. A beautiful lawn that doesn’t require much work from tenants is more likely to be rented.

Paint the front door and make an excellent first impression with minimal effort. Cut back overgrown bushes and tree limbs. Clean the outside with a power washer and add some landscaping features. These modifications will make your Alpharetta rental home more desirable to prospective tenants and raise your property’s value.

While these are some of the most popular renovations, the specific upgrades that will benefit your home depend on its layout. Contact Tameka Mann’s team. If you’d like to raise your income, we’re happy to evaluate you and point out areas of opportunity.