The Ideal Places for Real Estate Investing in Atlanta

The Ideal Place RE Investment

The Ideal Places for Real Estate Investing in Atlanta

North America’s Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the rapidly growing places in the country. Atlanta’s real estate market is booming, thanks to the influx of new people. In Atlanta, renter-occupied households comprise half of the city’s total occupied housing units. An increase of 19.3% in Atlanta property values over the past year has made short-term investors very wealthy in the city. We’ll look at some of Atlanta’s top neighborhoods for investment homes in this article.

Hanover West

Hanover West was built in the 1960s as a tiny, low-density neighborhood. It has a variety of features that appeal to people of all ages. That is one of Atlanta’s greatest spots to buy a property, yet listings rarely come up. As a result, the average monthly rent for a rental property is $1100. Many people who want to reside in this area are forced to rent because the median home value is greater than the national average and significantly higher than the Atlanta average.

Midtown Atlanta

Midtown and Buckhead, which are close to downtown, have seen significant price increases. Midtown Atlanta investment properties can be rented out for a lot of money if you can get your hands on one. These Atlanta investment properties will be highly sought after because of their spaciousness and privacy in an area rapidly becoming a multi-family neighborhood. The average monthly rent in this area is $1,800. The regular flow of renters near Georgia Tech benefits nearby properties.


Investing in Atlanta real estate in Buckhead is a smart move. Because of their proximity to the city center, the properties are highly sought. Apart from that, it has many estate homes and mansions to choose from, while there are also a few starting cottages available for rent. Older bungalows could be replaced with newer four to six-bedroom executive homes that are becoming the norm in this neighborhood.

Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is a great investment opportunity because it is a well-balanced neighborhood. Townhouses and condominiums make up the majority of low-rise housing in this part of the city. Additionally, a lot of retail and office space is being exchanged here. Condominiums with two or three floors are built above the commercial area, shaped like a vast outdoor mall. Residents and visitors can access 7,200 parking spaces in the big underground complexes.

Castleberry Hill

To get your hands on a piece of history, you might choose Castleberry Hill. There are various historic sites and landmarks in the area, making it an officially designated historic district. Old buildings in the area have a particular architectural style, while modern constructions strive to meet those criteria. These are the kinds of assets where the value never diminishes. More and more galleries, boutiques, and restaurants are springing up in the region. Lofts and apartments are the most common kind of residential structures.


Experts in the Atlanta real estate market say the city is well-positioned to benefit from a steady rental market in the future. Deciding to invest in real estate in Atlanta is a wise one. After learning about some of Atlanta’s greatest real estate investment locations, you can begin searching for your next property.

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