Should I Sell My House by Owner or Realtor in Atlanta?

should I sell my house by owner or realtor

Should I Sell My House by Owner or Realtor in Atlanta?

When it comes to selling your house, you have an important decision to make – should I sell my house by owner or realtor?

In order to make a wise choice, you need to understand the pros and cons of each option. Let’s explore the key factors when deciding which approach is best for you in the long run.

Financial Considerations

Hiring the services of a professional realtor means you need to pay for his services. On the other hand, no commission fee has to be paid if you sell your house directly to the buyer. However, having an expert can have many advantages. The realtor will take the responsibility of handling all the matters related to the sale. These include marketing and negotiations which are carried out in a better way if an experienced professional handles them. This will typically cost you around 5% to 6% of the sale price as the realtor’s commission. This seems like a reasonable cost if the realtor is able to get you a good deal through his expertise.

Marketing and Exposure

Should I sell my house by owner or realtor when it comes to marketing? Choosing to handle things on your own gives you control over how you wish to present or market your house. It allows you to highlight the best features and interact with potential buyers yourself.

However, this approach may limit your property’s exposure compared to realtor listings. A realtor usually lists properties on multiple platforms. They also have access to large networks and marketing tools which allow them to reach a broader audience.

When you decide how to sell your house, don’t forget to consider the process of marketing as well as the exposure you are going to get.

Time and Effort

Choosing the selling-by-owner approach puts everything in your hands. You can make decisions quickly without interference.  However, it can also be time-consuming. You need to manage various aspects of the sale. These include preparing the property for showing, handling inquiries, and managing negotiations. When using a realtor, you can shift the responsibility of managing these tasks to the expert. This may reduce your control over the pace of the sale but will save you time as well as effort.

Expertise and Negotiation

Having no realtor means you must directly interact with potential buyers and handle the negotiations. This can be a challenging as well as overwhelming job.  Realtors, on the other hand, are experienced negotiators. They can work on your behalf and deal with challenging clients in a professional way. As a result, they can help you secure a good deal without hassle. So, when you ask, “should I sell my house by owner or realtor”, the answer is quite clear in this case!

sell my house by owner or realtor

Legal Matters and Paperwork

The responsibility of handling the legal matters and paperwork falls on your shoulders if you are selling by the owner. While this gives you full control, it also comes with the risk of making errors which could lead to delays or complications. However, a realtor can take care of legal matters, reducing the risk of mistakes. So, when you ask, “should I sell my house by owner or realtor”, you should lean towards hiring a realtor to avoid hassle.

The Final Thoughts

Considering the factors discussed above, seeking an expert realtor to sell your house is a wise choice. Turn to experienced realtors like Tameka Manns to carry out the sale process seamlessly. We are a realty group offering comprehensive services extending from Atlanta to a number of surrounding regions. Give us a call today and go through a hassle-free process for the sale of your house.