Pros and Cons of Renting your property with Pets

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Pros and Cons of Renting your property with Pets

Over 90 percent of American households have at least one pet. Some of these households will be tenants, and they may consider your home an option. But how can you settle on whether or not to welcome such animals? While there are many positives to pet ownership, there are also some potential negatives. If you’re a landlord wondering whether or not to accept pet renters, you’ll want to read this.

The Pros of Pet-Friendly Leases

Many positive outcomes can occur when you allow tenants to keep pets. Over 90 percent of American households have a pet of some kind, as we’ve already mentioned. A sizable portion of these households, if not all of them, will be renters. Even though some of these people may be ideal tenants, the number of people interested in renting your property will drop significantly if dogs are not allowed.

If there are few pet-friendly rental options in your neighborhood, you should expect a surge in interest in your property. There will be less of a risk that someone will try to smuggle a pet onto the premises without your knowledge or consent if pets are permitted. Keep in mind that individuals are not going to give up their pets.

If pets are allowed, the lease can specify the pet owner’s obligations. You can also be better ready for any specialized cleaning requirements when the tenant vacates their space. The inclusion of service animals is simplified when pets are permitted. There’s no need to renegotiate the lease terms to accommodate their presence.

Consequences of Renting to Pet Owners

In light of this, landlords should know a few potential drawbacks to accept pets. Animals as pets can be dangerous. Even though it’s not very likely, you should consider it. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are as willing to cover costs as excellent ones.

Tensions could arise in the building if other residents are afraid of or allergic to your pet. For this reason, some renters prefer to look for places that do not allow pets.

Finding Common Ground When Renting with Pets

You can avoid some financial issues associated with pet ownership by being selective about the animals you allow into your home. One possibility is introducing a pet rent or fee for residents who choose to keep pets. It’s several hundred dollars or a few more dollars a month.

Similarly, you can limit what kinds of animals can live in a neighborhood. Small cats and dogs may be accepted at some apartments. Others that do not have size restrictions on canines may only accept less common or contentious breeds. To a certain extent, you can choose whether or not tenants are allowed to bring their pets with them.

Do you let pets stay at your rental property?

It’s a significant choice to make if a rental property allows pets. Remember that tenants may pay more, even though renting with dogs causes stress for everyone involved. Of course, you shouldn’t ignore the potential hazards.

What option do you prefer?

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