6 Tips for Becoming a Landlord That Doesn’t Waste Time

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6 Tips for Becoming a Landlord That Doesn’t Waste Time

It’s a lot of work to become a landlord. Your days are filled with decisions and chores that leave you feeling like you’re always falling behind.

If you are a landlord who is feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up with everything, this article will provide you with six time-saving strategies.

List Your Most Important Goals

It’s important to remember that, even though you’ll be busy, you’re the boss of your time if you want to be a successful landlord. Your productivity will decrease if you allow your schedule to start ruling you.

You must first determine what you value most. There will always be a plethora of options to consider and things to do, but prioritizing what’s most important can set you up for success.

Schedule Your Tasks in Blocks of Time

Using time blocks is a specific method to boost productivity rapidly. Most landlords, however, are accustomed to multitasking, even if this approach is inefficient.

Instead, consider working in 50-minute blocks on the most critical tasks identified in the previous section, followed by a 10-minute break to refocus and recharge.

Make a Timetable

One of the worst time wasters landlords can engage in is the lack of a scheduling or job management system. Trying to juggle everything in your thoughts will lead to more significant anxiety and confusion.

Putting things on a schedule might help you stay on top of all you have to accomplish daily and decide what needs to be done first.

Document Your Every Move

Maintaining a log of your daily activities can help you become more productive. Doing so will make you aware of where you’re wasting time or failing to delegate well.

It’s possible that keeping track of this procedure will be an eye-opener for you, revealing just how much of your time is being wasted on menial duties that contribute nothing to your overall goals.

Eliminate and Delegate

Once you’ve identified the time-sucking activities that aren’t contributing to your goals, you can start removing or delegating them.

Time is of the utmost for you as a landlord. Therefore, setting priorities and delegating menial jobs are crucial to your success.

You must assess the significance of each of your current projects. How well do they serve my goal of reaching my destination? Is there someone that can help me out here?

Design a Questionnaire for Initial Screening

Most property managers think that tenant screening is the most time-consuming aspect of their work. There are many things to do, like responding to emails and phone calls from prospective tenants who don’t meet the requirements.

Creating a basic pre-screening questionnaire with a Google Form and adding it to your property listing to ask potential tenants to fill out is the quickest method to eliminate this type of work.

The Support You Need to Become a Successful Landlord

A common misconception about becoming a landlord is that it doesn’t need any effort on your part. For this reason, every savvy landlord employs a property manager to handle the bulk of the work associated with the occupation. Get in touch with Tameka Manns Realty Group if you’re a landlord in the Atlanta area who needs assistance and is considering hiring a property management business.